Going Places

One day I’ll fly away … in last week’s blog, I wrote that a change of setting has taken place in my novel, now that my draft has finally (finally!) reached the halfway stage. Up until this point, my central character Ellen has been spending time in the centre of Glasgow: her favourite locations (or the favourite locations I have chosen on her behalf!) include the city’s famous parks and the fictional art gallery of Lavery’s (named after the Glasgow Boy artist John Lavery – check him out!) However, a twist in fate has now driven Ellen to return to the place of her childhood: the Isle of Skye, which lies off the west coast of the Scottish Highlands. Finding myself here, I was heartened that my

The Pentimenti Project!

‘Where the story goes today is up to you’ ... I wrote this line yesterday on a sign next to my novel-in-progress notebook, sitting on a small table inside the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow. To cut a long story short – not something writers find easy, I'm afraid! – GoMA’s open exhibition season has allowed members of the public to propose their own ideas for events, so for one day only it became the home (and debut public outing!) of my first novel. Its title, Pentimenti, takes inspiration from an Italian term in art that describes when an artist’s early imperfections or so-called ‘mistakes’ remain visible in a finished artwork. I hope to develop that idea as a symbol in my book: illustrat

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