Love, Actualized: Writing Wedding Poetry with Heart!

Love is in the air at Glasgow Gallerina this week ... on Saturday I’ll be heading off to the wedding of my cousin and one of my very best friends! Funnily enough, the knowledge that this weekend is going to be a no-go for work has actually spurred me on to get a lot done during the earlier part of this week. Two novel-writing sessions in one Monday?! That doesn't happen often (although perhaps it should)! I also, however, have a piece of work to practice for the occasion itself: I was honoured when the happy couple asked me to write a poem to read as part of their marriage ceremony. During the past few years I've really enjoyed getting my teeth into various different literary themes, but I b

Etsy Sales and Puppy Dog 'Tails': Hitting the Big 100!

This month brought with it one of my most treasured professional milestones to date: reaching 100 sales of my artwork on Etsy! When I started Glasgow Gallerina as an online shop precisely one year ago, I dared to dream of ONE sale, so hitting three figures is truly beyond my wildest dreams! Of course, the measure of art will always lie in quality rather than quantity. Every month has been different, with some far busier than others, and I’m grateful for that in encouraging me not to take my customers’ support for granted, nor to change what I want to paint and draw in favour of what other people might like. It isn’t always easy, but if I try to stay true to myself and what I want to create,

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