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Hi everyone! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are (but not too hard - if you’re anything like Miss Gypsy, you won’t want to walk when it’s too warm outside)! I'd like to start by thanking everyone who responded to my recent Instagram story - now that I’m approaching the end of the novel writing process, I wanted to film a video all about the inception, creation and (eventual) publication of Ellen and Arbor! I hope you enjoy this video - it’s a long 'un but a good 'un, and I’ve broken down the timings here so that you can skip straight ahead to your own question! Novel Synopsis 3:20 How Did the Idea Come About? 4:45 Am I In It? 11:24 Who is your Favourite Character? 15:04 What is the Ma

Gemini Gems! My Monthly Favourites for June

Hello there, my little Junebugs! Truth be told, I tried to begin this blog in May (and in April too!) I've been so busy polishing up the final draft of my own novel, Ellen and Arbor, that all other writing work has had to take a back seat. And yet when I've not been writing (or painting, of course!) then I have been reading, and I wanted to share a few of my favourite finds for the next time you're stuck without a page turner! The Freedom Artist by Ben Okri has received a great deal of press attention, and the originality that runs through this novel makes it easy to see why. Funnily enough, Okri appeared at the end of another book I was reading recently: Up by Ben Fogle, in which he documen

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