Greetings, everyone, from Glasgow and Grasmere! I hope you enjoy my latest vlog, in which I travel for the first time to the beautiful Lake District village of Grasmere. This perfectly picturesque spot was once home to William Wordsworth and his family, including his beloved sister Dorothy who wrote The Grasmere Journal (the book that inspired my trip in the first place)! 

Dorothy's journal was never actually intended for publication: instead, her very first entry on 14th May 1800 recorded that '...


Hi everyone, I’m a Gallerina full of gratitude today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supported my Glasgow Kiltwalk 2019 campaign: together, we’ve raised an absolutely incredible £792 for the Scottish SPCA! With the Hunter Foundation’s very generous 40% top-up, that means Scotland’s vulnerable animals will receive over £1000! 

I’m beyond blown away by the kind support that I’ve received - thank you so much to every single person who made a contribution. As many of you know,...


Dear Edward,

I respect you greatly, and I respect Vogue too. The magazine means a lot to me: in 2016 I was honoured to be one of nine writers shortlisted for your Young Talent Award, and Vogue has always been the first volume I turn to in search of culture and style. But this month, I tore out a page. Not for inspiration, not for a design board, but because it distressed me to see it. And now I have seen it, it is with sadness that I’ve chosen to cancel my subscription. 

A glossy, full page f...

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