Hello, fellow art lovers - I'm just back from the Post Office! Having recently completed a commission for one of my most loyal customers, an ink drawing of three white doves is now winging its way (see what I did there?!) to a new home. Delicate Doves was a particularly interesting piece in terms of how it was created, and its journey from brain to frame leads me to reflect on the value of 'sketchy' scenarios we often throw away!

When listing one of my most recent drawings for purchase on Etsy, I...


The end is nigh ... but wait, that's a good thing! At long (long!) last, I am approaching the end of my novel's first draft: the first draft of several, I expect! Nevertheless, now I have a stronger sense of my book and the themes I want to place at its heart, I can focus my attention on technique. Exactly what kind of writing will most effectively express the story I want to tell? 

Of course, writing style is not an all-or-nothing topic. However early you are in the process, I'd advise that writ...

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