This month brought with it one of my most treasured professional milestones to date: reaching 100 sales of my artwork on Etsy! When I started Glasgow Gallerina as an online shop precisely one year ago, I dared to dream of ONE sale, so hitting three figures is truly beyond my wildest dreams! Of course, the measure of art will always lie in quality rather than quantity. Every month has been different, with some far busier than others, and I’m grateful for that in encouraging me not to take my cust...


'Well-behaved women rarely make history ...' having studied History in its various guises for a total of seven years at university (Art History was my favourite, as Glasgow Gallerina regulars could probably guess!) I've had time to think about how history and creativity may - and may not - coalesce. To paraphrase the new Duchess of Sussex (the artist formerly known as Meghan Markle, don't cha know?!) 'I am proud to be a feminist', and that has also drawn me to be particularly passionate about th...

Anxiety has been a feature of several periods throughout my life, and I’m not alone. Studies report that anxiety disorders (an umbrella definition encompassing a range of conditions from generalized anxiety to OCD) affect 60 million people across Europe, and women are twice as likely to face debilitating anxiety as men. Anxiety can make those experiencing it feel isolated, cast adrift from the world around them, yet in reality it seems clear that many women – just like me – find themselves bound...

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