Black smoke chokes me,

grey fur singed.

Small paws smouldering;

wide eyes sting.

Our homes in cinders,

charred debris.

New infants clinging,

forced to flee. 

Each family raised here

now bereft,

With bush floors burning,

birth meets death.

So, instincts wary, 

wild yet brave,

we trust in your kind

our own to save.

 I wrote this poem and painted this watercolour after witnessing the devastation caused by the Australian bushfires. On its sale, the full cost of the painting was donated to the WWF's Australia B...


Hi everyone! I hope you're having a good month now that spring has (very nearly) sprung! As you can see from my latest vlog, I recently got the chance to visit not one but two travelling exhibitions at Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Gallery - Dippy on Tour, getting up close with a famous face from the Natural History Museum, and Leonardo 500, a Royal Collection exhibition to mark 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci's death. 

As an enthusiastic art historian as well as an artist myself, I relished the op...


Baby, it's cold outside and it's making my Kiltwalk practice sessions that little bit trickier (click the link for more information on my springtime challenge and to add your sponsorship for the Scottish SPCA!) That said, winter weather is perfect for painting and, of course, for getting stuck into a good book (reading or writing it!). Here are some of my favourites finds this month across literature and the arts: from dashing vets to delightful otters!

Bookmark: 'Listening to the Animals: Becomi...


This month brought with it one of my most treasured professional milestones to date: reaching 100 sales of my artwork on Etsy! When I started Glasgow Gallerina as an online shop precisely one year ago, I dared to dream of ONE sale, so hitting three figures is truly beyond my wildest dreams! Of course, the measure of art will always lie in quality rather than quantity. Every month has been different, with some far busier than others, and I’m grateful for that in encouraging me not to take my cust...


Hello, fellow art lovers - I'm just back from the Post Office! Having recently completed a commission for one of my most loyal customers, an ink drawing of three white doves is now winging its way (see what I did there?!) to a new home. Delicate Doves was a particularly interesting piece in terms of how it was created, and its journey from brain to frame leads me to reflect on the value of 'sketchy' scenarios we often throw away!

When listing one of my most recent drawings for purchase on Etsy, I...


'You say it best when you say nothing at all' ... don't worry, this isn't a 90s nostalgia blog dedicated to Notting Hill! Rather, I've been thinking about a theme that affects both the written word and the painted canvas. Whether in art or in fiction, is what we leave blank as important as what we create?

I was inspired to consider this topic after reaching the end of Elizabeth Strout's 1998 debut novel Amy and Isabelle. Without too many spoilers (and it is in the blurb on the back cover!) Isabel...


The Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow greets visitors with an entrance hall of mirrors. Created by the French-American artist Niki de Saint-Phalle, the mirrored mosaic covers all four walls with cut-glass shapes, and certainly makes more of a statement than the 'white cube' we might expect to find inside an art gallery! As a tour guide for GoMA (do pop in and say hello one weekend!) I've had time to think about the impact that de Saint-Phalle's mirror installation has on audiences. It is striking...


Happy 2018 everyone! As many Glasgow Gallerina fans will know (come on, there must be a couple of you!) my Diary of a Novel blog is where I document the journey of my writing work. From the slow-but-steady development of a novel I hope to complete soon (stay tuned for updates!) to poetry and short stories, I've loved having the space to reflect and discuss with other literature lovers on how to make writing - and reading - work for us. It's profoundly important to me that words open up the world...

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