Ellen and Arbor is an uplifting, imaginative debut novel about overcoming fear and finding belonging in the world. As Ellen, an isolated young woman, fights to save the struggling art gallery she works for, her life collides with that of Arbor, a bright yet neglected dog whose difficult background mirrors her own.

Can Ellen liberate both Arbor and herself from the past - and create a new future for the gallery before it is too late? A subtly empowering tale (or tail!) with a twist, Ellen and Arbor reflects on the link between art and nature, and on the possibilities that grow when we combine creativity with compassion.

Available in paperback

(click here for Amazon and here for Etsy) and on Kindle! 


As with all my creative work, 10% of profits from the sale of every copy of Ellen and Arbor will be donated to the Scottish SPCA: in celebration of Gypsy's memory and to protect and rehome animals like her.

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