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LGBTQ+ History Month at the Scottish Poetry Library

She was in love. There was no turning back.

She took her letters to the library and read them

in between her book, so that she could read her lover

like a book, and get a thrill...

from "Biography" by Jackie Kay

Did you join our inclusive poetic collaboration this February? I couldn't have been more excited to guide a special version of Nothing But the Poem at the Scottish Poetry Library, celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month via the verses of three great queer Scottish poets.

Listen again here as me and Toni, SPL's incredible Assistant Librarian, reflect on our relaxed poetry workshop exploring the wonderful writing of Maud Sulter, Edwin Morgan and Jackie Kay. Nothing But the Poem guided poetry discussion groups are usually only available to Friends of the SPL, so please make the most of this uniquely open opportunity (and of course, consider becoming a Friend of the Library in return).

Whether you're already a passionate poetry lover or simply curious about queer writing past and present, please listen along to champion our nation's diverse and dynamic poetic legacies.


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