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Kiltwalk Kirsten!

Hi everyone, I’m a Gallerina full of gratitude today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who supported my Glasgow Kiltwalk 2019 campaign: together, we’ve raised an absolutely incredible £792 for the Scottish SPCA! With the Hunter Foundation’s very generous 40% top-up, that means Scotland’s vulnerable animals will receive over £1000!

I’m beyond blown away by the kind support that I’ve received - thank you so much to every single person who made a contribution. As many of you know, my beloved Gypsy entered the SSPCA as a stray, and without their care, she would have never walked into my life and changed it forever. The charity operates without any government funding at all, so donations really do make the difference between life and death for Scotland’s dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, small animals (last time I visited, they even had a few cockerels!) As the ever-supportive Kilties say, one small step for me (OK, quite a few small steps!) can mean a giant leap forward for those in need. More vulnerable animals in Scotland will stay fed, warm and safe this year and it is all thanks to your generosity. You go, Gallerina Gang!

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