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As woman is, so she sees - writing for Bluestocking Oxford

'Powered by personal poetic spirit, Dr Kathleen Raine’s innovative research offered a key with which readers could unlock William Blake’s ostensible obscurity, encouraging them to not simply understand what he had created, but why...'

I recently had the pleasure of writing a new article for Bluestocking Oxford, the seminal online journal for women's intellectual and artistic history.

'As woman is, so she sees' winds the golden string of Kathleen Raine's spiritual scholarship to introduce her transformative impact on Blake studies. It illuminates the 'learning of the imagination' that Raine identified within Blake’s oeuvre, and which was embodied by The Sea of Time and Space: a Blake painting only discovered in 1949, the same year that saw publication of Raine's third - of eleven - poetry collection, The Pythoness.

Find my full article here and be sure to also check out Bluestocking Oxford's dazzling range of writing on pioneering women across the arts, humanities, sciences and more. Happy reading, bluestockings!

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