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One Click to Save a Chick!

Something a little different for this month's blog ... Scotland's most vulnerable baby birds need your help!

In January 2020, France announced that it would be outlawing the practice of culling the egg industry’s day-old male chicks by 2021. Last year, the German Federal Administrative Court also ruled that this practice could continue only on a temporary basis, and in Switzerland the act of macerating male chicks has been banned since the beginning of 2020. In the US, the trade group United Egg Producers has also committed to 2020 being the final year of live chick culling, as the technology available to the egg industry advances beyond the need for this practice. Researchers from around the world have spent the last decade identifying ways in which the sex of chicks can be determined while still only eggs. Once this is in place within the industry, it will eradicate the need for any live chicks to be killed at all.

The culling of so-called 'surplus' male chicks in Scotland continues to be governed by 25-year-old legislation, namely The Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations. I'm calling on the Scottish Government to ban maceration now as a brutal and undignified method of slaughter, and to set a deadline for the end of live chick culling in line with our international neighbours. YOU can help! Please take a moment to use your voice for newborn birds that will never be able to speak for themselves. Sign my petition here and add your name to the forefront of animal welfare. Thank you so much, Glasgow Gallerina gang!

Ps. As a heartfelt thank you for signing, please use the code SAVECHICK for a special surprise on my Etsy shop!

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