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Belated Book Week: 'Ellen and Arbor' and novel no.2

Hi everyone,

A (Belated) Happy Book Week Scotland to you all! I'm sorry that it's been all quiet on the blogging front for a while, but I'm delighted to say it has been for a good creative reason ... novel number two is well and truly in the works! It's been so special and heartwarming to receive such a positive reception for Ellen and Arbor, and I'm really excited by how my next full length work is taking shape. It's a period piece filled with poetry, animals (again) and characters very close to my heart who will be familiar to you already if you're a long-term reader of my blog ... want to know more? Check out this video interview that I filmed with my friends at South Lanarkshire Libraries, in which I discuss the inspiration behind Ellen and Arbor and what's coming up next ...

I was also thrilled to take part in the digital book launch of Surfing, the latest anthology by the Federation of Writers (Scotland). Those clever folks managed to film the entire event, so sit back and enjoy some new work from Scotland's terrifically talented literary community (and me!) The piece I read an extract from on this occasion is 'Miss Mew', inspired by the life and work of the poet Charlotte Mew, which you'll find at the 1:27 mark in the video. I hope you enjoy reading (and viewing - don't forget, you can order Surfing from the Federation's website and, of course, Ellen and Arbor right here!


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