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Verses and Violets: Taking Pride in Queer Women Poets

Hi everyone, I hope you're looking forward to a safe and sunny summer! It's been a while since I posted a blog because I'm happy to say that book no.2 is still gathering pace (more details coming soon!) but I do have a very exciting update to share with you, just in time for #PrideMonth21.

I'm quite literally proud to be hosting an event in collaboration with the Scottish Poetry Library and CILIPS: Verses and Violets - Taking Pride in Queer Women Poets. It's an informal, inclusive celebration of queer women writers past, present and future, and I'm so looking forward to exploring the power of poetry to tell the tales of the women who for too long were forced to exist between the lines.

This free event is taking place online, 6pm on 29th June, and I'd love to see you there. Click quick to register and take pride in the poetic heritage of some very talented women!


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